Description of Work:

The existing old-growth trees and mature rhododendrons makes this 1918-built property feel like an ‘oasis’ in the urban city of Seattle. The current patio is too small for the client especially when they host outdoor parties for their large extended family. A natural stone water feature is desired not only for the bubbling sound but also as a water source for the innumerable amount of birds that live in the mature trees and shrubs. Client would like to preserve all the old-growth plants while creating the new landscape.

Client’s wish list / design goals –

• Reduce the lawn and turn it into a functional space
• Add a natural water feature to the yard
• Create a dining area for a large group of people
• Investigate the restoration of the natural areas
• Design an enclosure for grilling, even in rain
• Preserve existing plants as much as possible
• Provide an area to grow herbs and tomatoes
• Add color thru the seasons, from bloom and foliage
• Design a layered planting plan for the under-story of mature plantings
• Improve view from exercise room, soften the hard edges of the deck and hot tub