At Natural Greenscapes, we combine our artistic skills and ‘computer aided design’ skills to create site plans, master plans, irrigation plans, lighting plans, construction plans and planting plans. We have design expertise in leading CAD based landscape design software like VectorWorks, Dynascape and Google SketchUp.

Advantages of CAD drawings:

  • Consistent and professional layouts that help communicate your creative ideas effectively
  • Drawings can be supplemented with plant photos and product images
  • Instantly calculates areas (even unusual shapes) and quantities, thus helping create work estimates and quotations
  • Easier and faster to revise/modify, thus saving time and money

We offer our drafting services to all landscape professionals. Here are some of the drafting works that we have carried out for our clients. Click on image to zoom.

Master Plan 1

Master Plan 2

Site Plan

Construction Detail

Irrigation Plan

We offer our services to all landscape professionals, including architects, designers and contractors.